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amaBhungane archive

Oil rights bagged by the elite few

There is no 'black gold’ that can be commercially exploited yet in Namibia, but exploration licences is making a few connected middlemen wealthy

EFF spreads its wings to Namibia

The recently launched "radical" Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters has already set strong anti-homosexuality and resource management agendas.

Phiyega sends deputies packing

Two senior, qualified Lieutenant Generals axed amid claims that their dismissals are linked to the case of suspended intelligence boss Richard Mdluli

Savagery governs Wild West mine

A father despairs of ever finding his son’s killers as ruthless security guards continue to take the law – and lives – into their own hands.

Businessmen in Dubai jail hell

South Africans behind bars in Dubai claim an alleged fraudster lured them to the UAE with promises of investment.

Nkandla: Why did Nxesi lie?

Questions remain unanswered about why Nxesi lied about the Nkandla task team report, which exonerated President Zuma from any wrongdoing.

PIC throws billions at Zuma crony

Pensioners' savings are being put into a high-risk deal involving a controversial oilman accused of doing South Africa down.

'Dead man' plan for Block in dock

Northern Cape ANC heavyweights charged with corruption, fraud and money laundering in the Trifecta trial are blaming the victim of a plane crash.

Ex-MK cadres fear a witch hunt

Fifteen of the 18 names on a "hit list" disclosed publicly by Bheki Cele belonged to the ANC's armed wing, and some have already been targeted.

Why did Chris Whitfield jump ship?

Senior editor Chris Whitfield's exit has been blamed on editorial interference by new Independent Newspapers masters under Iqbal Survé.

Beetle-mania! Who flung dung?

Our investigations were made for prime time. Reintroducing the AmaBhungane reports that stole the show.

Questions the ANC may rue asking

When building started at Nkandla in 2009, the public works ­department estimated the upgrade would cost R28-million.

Nkandla report: Zuma in the deep end

The public protector's provisional report on the funding of Jacob Zuma's homestead directs him to repay the state and explain himself to Parliament.

Krejcir's R400k loan to top cop

A top detective on Johannesburg's East Rand has denied knowledge about any links to the Czech fugitive or that anything was untoward.

Sars delivers a blow to Krejcir's assets

Sars has obtained a court order placing all of Krejcir's assets under the control of a curator, following a preservation order issued by a court.

Krejcir: Revenge of the Serbs?

The motive for the bomb at Radovan Krejcir's shop in Bedfordview is murky, but the attack has unleashed fear in Joburg’s underworld

AmaB releases Nkandla cache

The M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism has released over 12 000 pages of evidence about the state-funded upgrade at Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home.

Investigators: 'Gold Fields bribed Mbete'

US investigators have concluded that a R25-million share handout to Baleka Mbete constituted corruption by Gold Fields, which then buried the findings

FF+ accuses arms deal witness of perjury

The first week of public hearings at the arms commission has ended in a controversial perjury row involving witness leader advocate Simmy Lebala.

Arms deal: A citizen’s guide

ANALYSIS: The commission of inquiry under Judge Willie Seriti is expected finally to get down to business. Will it succeed in uncovering corruption?

Medupi, the murder and the mega fraud

Allegations of fraud related to Eskom's ill-starred Medupi and Kusile power station projects have begun to emerge from the collapse of First Strut.

Homestead exposé sparks outrage

Commentators have described the latest revelations about the multimillion-rand upgrade of President Jacob Zuma’s homestead as 'a mega scandal'.

Nkandla: An orgy of kowtowing

Documents obtained by amaBhungane on Nkandla show how costs ballooned tenfold as officials scrambled to please President Jacob Zuma.

Project railroaded from the start

Procurement processes were overlooked and cost overruns justified as the team scurried to finish within deadlines imposed by Zuma.

The Nkandla documents

The splurging, the secrecy, the sloppiness – and what the president knew

Zim bleeds diamond revenues

Politicians unite to condemn minister’s favouring of SA firm and clandestine trade of Marange gems

PetroSA scandal claims new scalp

Heads are continuing to roll after the Mail & Guardian exposed details of a R1-billion scandal at PetroSA last month.

Zambia draws flak for summary expulsions

A SA businessperson has been deported from Zambia, the latest in a string of deportations seen as instigated by politically connected competitors.

Oilgate 2: New evidence of kickbacks

The fund management firm central to the second leg of the PetroSA scandal has admitted to paying part of an overblown "success fee" to a dodgy lawyer.

R1bn scandal rocks PetroSA

Authorities are investigating the alleged looting of the parastatal oil company on an unprecedented scale.

Valentine's day of despair

Twelve hours before her death, Oscar Pistorius's girlfriend was buying him a gift to show her love

Shirene Carim: In her own words

In an interview with the M&G, Shirene Carim, Zarina Maharaj's sister, expands on her reasons for coming forward now.

Fat cats

South Africa’s heftiest felines -- from President Fat Cat’s stinky Nkandla deal to the Capitec cats who creamed it -- risked obesity in 2012.

Download the KPMG forensic report

The 2006 forensic report prepared for Zuma's trial that never saw the light of day ... now made available in the public interest.

Other politicians at the Zuma trough

Most of the evidence concerns KwaZulu-Natal Premier Zweli Mkhize and Barbara Masekela, South Africa’s former ambassador to France.

South Africans have a right to know

EDITOR'S COMMENT: ANC delegates must make their choice with the fullest possible knowledge of each candidate’s suitability for high office.

Of battleships and Nkandla

The financing of the Nkandla project makes it clear that Jacob Zuma’s home is built on shaky foundations of friends and would-be favours.

Public protector finds Block not guilty

An investigation by the public protector has cleared Northern Cape finance minister John Block of wrongdoing relating to the sale of a piece of land.

Molewa accused of meddling

The water affairs minister denies that she prevented connected mines from being sued for water infringements.

Nkandla: Passing the bucks

Answers about security spending at Zuma’s private home have raised only more questions.

Mdluli inquest draws to a close

On the last day of the inquest into the death of Oupa Ramogibe, the court heard Richard Mdluli hired two men to kill him.

Mdluli: Ramogibe was a nobody

In his first appearance at the inquest on Oupa Ramogibe's murder, Richard Mdluli has claimed he was in no way involved in the taxi driver's death.

NPA tough on chairs

The authority's advocate tells disciplinary hearing that it needs a new chairperson to lead the inquiry.

Motaung case linked to ANC feuds

Party sources claim the fraud charges brought against him are largely politically motivated because he is a Jacob Zuma supporter.

Friends of JZ case to set a precedent

A defamation case brought against the Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust could have significant legal implications for online news sites if it goes to trial.

Krejcir debt claim 'a sham'

Claims by private investigator turn spotlight on Czech fugitive's financial dealings with murdered strip club boss Lolly Jackson.



Swazi king's jet triggers turbulence

The origin of the costly "gift" -- a DC-9 aircraft -- is a mystery, but activists say it was bought for King Mswati III by Swaziland's government.

Dictator's son in Swaziland to party

The son of Equatorial Guinea's president, who is also a government minister accused of corruption, has been getting cozy with the Mswati clan.

Fines on the cards for errant newspapers

A new regulatory regime is imminent for SA's newspaper industry wherein an independent regulator will have the power to impose fines on newspapers.

Crossed lines and a king's tantrum

Swaziland's King Mswati III has become embroiled in a row with the telecommunications parastatal over the direction of telephony in the kingdom.

Fugitive Banda son in South Africa

Henry Banda, the son of former Zambia president Rupiah Banda, is wanted by Interpol but he has permanent residence and a business in South Africa.

The Mdluli dossier

Read the secret Crime Intelligence Division report which outlines alleged abuses of its funds by division head Lt-Gen Richard Mdluli.

Security is 'usurping the throne'

The new intelligence Bill has run into a new flak as critics complain that it threatens to concentrate power in the state security minister's hands.

Zuma's lawyer and the mega tender

President Jacob Zuma's lawyer Michael Hulley has played various roles in the drawn-out awarding of a disputed multi-billion rand contract.

French energy giant fined for bribery

Alstom, a French engineering company with links to the SA nuclear industry, is in the firing line for 'improper payments' to an official in Zambia.

Velvet Sky's pay now, fly later scheme

Troubled low-cost airline Velvet Sky stands accused by petrol giant BP of resorting to "desperate cash-raising measures to stave off bankruptcy".

Sishen mine fraud case intensifies

Details have emerged of disputed alibis and further shenanigans in the battle between Kumba and Imperial Crown Trading to secure the rights to Sishen.

SA called for France-China nuclear bid

The state has allegedly urged French and Chinese nuclear companies to put in a bid for nuclear power stations, but the energy department denies this.

R10bn grant tender sparks court battle

A social grants payment contract has sparked a court battle because it was awarded to foreign firm with a chequered past in South Africa.

MTN in bed with Iran's military

Competing mobile operators MTN and Turkcell are keeping silent on the latter's claims that MTN bribed its way into Iran six years ago.

Spooks bid for new powers

The alarm has been sounded over a proposed law that will create an intelligence monolith and allow wider bugging of SA citizens without a warrant.

VIP jet tender 'was flawed'

An affidavit tabled by new defence secretary Sam Gulube suggests that there may have been grave flaws in the R800-million presidential jet tender.

Serb assassin's shadowy associates

Testimony by investigator Paul Hendrikse has linked Serbian fugitive Dobrosav Gavric to mobsters, but his lawyer says the Hawks are "throwing mud".

Mozambique's 'Mr Guebusiness'

The tentacles of Mozambican President Armando Emilio Guebuza's huge family business empire make Zuma Incorporated look like a spaza-shop operation.

Racing inquiry open for betting

Persistent complaints to the Competition Commission sparked an inquiry into alleged collusion between the major players in the horse-racing industry.

Shabangu 'misleads' public works

The lease for the ICD building was signed by Roux Shabangu, even though the building was owned by his former partner, Japie van Niekerk.

Govt nuke boss goes private

Rob Adam is going to a construction group that will bid for the massive government nuclear tender.

SAPS spy chiefs purged

Only one general in the unit remains in his job. The police are mum on the reasons, but sources say they are linked to conspiracy or corruption.

Living lavishly on the state's account

If allegations are true, South Africa's Crime Intelligence Service, accused of blatantly abusing secret service funds, is the country's biggest mafia.

M&G's questions to Mac, in full

Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj has responded to questions from the Mail & Guardian, pertaining to Friday's story "The evidence that damns Mac".

The evidence that damns Mac

A trail of evidence seen by the M&G shows Mac Maharaj as transport minister took payment after payment from contract bidder Schabir Shaik.

Mac's catch 22: Where to now?

Mac Maharaj faces a predicament on how to respond to the serious allegations levelled against him in media reports on his section 28 testimony.

Public works 'bullied' ICD into lease

Parliament's scrutiny of Roux Shabangu's lease agreement has flushed out new evidence to suggest the public works department "blind signed" the ICD.

Censored: A buried trail of lies

The M&G has been compelled to suppress a report about presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj, following a threat of criminal prosecution.

Botha report could be mothballed

Parliament's ethics committee's attempt to bring MP Yolanda Botha to book has been derailed by last-minute manoeuvring.

'Vulnerable' Juju's finances probed

Investigations by the Hawks, the public protector and Sars into "Malema Inc" may be in their infancy but reports suggest he should be worried.

DA demands answers on Burma ambassador

The DA has called on the president to send the Burma ambassador to SA packing, after investigations suggest he has a questionable human rights record.

Burma ambassador's questionable past

An M&G investigation has found Burma's ambassador to SA, Myint Naung may be a former brigadier general linked to serious human rights abuses.

The premier and the lease

CLARIFICATION: Magashule may not have signed the lease himself, but his role in its authorisation is clear.

Krejcir bodyguard in gunfight

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir was linked to another mysterious incident this week when one of his alleged bodyguards was shot and arrested.

The villa, the villains and Rusty

An apartheid-era foreign affairs official has been implicated in the fraud trial of two Germans with close ties to the country's ministry of defence.

The Oil for Food scandal so far

The release of the Donen report into the Oil for Food scandal may well reopen a Pandora's box of allegations about kickbacks and diplomatic favours traded for oil from Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

The well-connected Mr KLamp

The Zambian fugitive behind a dubious circumcision project in KZN has friends in high places in SA, including a president, a king and an ex-spy boss.

Businessman plays his ace

A former employee of the Free State premier has landed government contracts worth millions.

Don't touch me on my handbag

Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane's refusal to scan her bag at an airport costs taxpayers R235 000 plus.

Minister vs top spooks

The most senior leaders in SA's state security apparatus are fighting to keep their jobs

Zuma's arms deal bombshell

President Jacob Zuma announces an inquiry in to the arms deal -- but will it just be a "sweetheart commission"?

Special pensions scams go on

Despite a damning probe, neither the fraudsters nor officials who abetted them have been charged.

Mogoeng's date with destiny

The advocate who introduced the two men says the chief justice nomination should be declined.

Polokwane's landed gentry

Deeds show a few connected politicians benefited from the sale of prestigious municipal property.

Agents paid millions in submarine deal

Ferrostaal probe shows submarine deal consortium paid more than $40-million to SA agents whose chief attraction was their influence on politicians.

Malema's turn to eat

How the ANC Youth League leader turns political power into personal gain.

How Julius Malema pulls tender strings

Julius Malema has a stake in a R4.6-billion road management deal, and is handing out state tenders to friends through the Ratanang Family Trust.

Malawi's bloody crackdown

Malawi journalists were beaten by police in churches and hospitals in Lilongwe, and were blamed for the demonstrations that swept the country last week.

Madonsela vs the world

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela herself might be a pawn in a wider political battle.

'Spooks are everywhere'

Media freedom in South Africa has decreased markedly since 2008, a watchdog says.

Leasing scams: a dummy's guide

VIDEO: Embattled Public Protector Thuli Madonsela is probing dodgy state leasing scams. But how do the scams work?

Cele 'fingerprints' all over KZN lease

Police Commissioner Bheki Cele's "fingerprints" can now be found on two inflated police lease deals, the Public Protector says in her leaked report.

BAE's 'bribery' channel

Documents reveal the cunning origin of the British arms company's system used to channel alleged kickbacks to South African arms deal 'advisers'.

MP's ethics hearing put on ice

An MP accused of misrepresenting her gifts and benefits to Parliament will have to wait a while longer for her case to be heard.

The arms deal cache

An online resource to spread knowledge about South Africa's arms deal scandal.


Trifecta: a horseracing bet in which a punter has to predict which horses will finish first, second, third in exact order. These guys won every time.

Top cop's gun 'killed Lolly'

Top cop Major General Joey Mabasa is under investigation for conspiring to kill strip king Lolly Jackson.

Mushwana unmoved by Oilgate ruling

Despite a stinging judicial rebuke about his work when Public Protector, Lawrence Mushwana says he will not resign as Human Rights Commission chair.

Leasing and fleecing

The department of public works' procurement division is the latest weak spot in the fight against tender corruption.

Toilet tenders stink

Fresh allegations of tender corruption in the unenclosed toilets saga have been levelled against Moqhaka Municipality officials in the Free State.

Khama 'abusing' state media

President Ian Khama's administration has been accused of censoring labour leaders in Botswana's ongoing public sector strike.

Decision on new arms deal probe delayed

Concourt postpones arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Browne's bid to force President Jacob Zuma to appoint a commission of inquiry into the arms deal.

Spy wars

We shine the spotlight on South Africa's spooks.

Test case may cost mines billions

Anglo American plc has offered medical treatment to 14 former miners who have brought a test case against its South African subsidiary.

New twist to Kebble looting

Shareholders in one of the companies looted by slain mining magnate Brett Kebble have launched a multimillion-rand lawsuit against Investec Bank.

Mdluli granted bail of R20 000

Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli, and his co-accused, were granted bail of R20 000 by the Boksburg Magistrate's court.

Cricket SA wrangle laid bare in court

Cricket SA president Mtutuzeli Nyoka has mounted a telling High Court assault on the CSA's decision to back its chief executive, Gerald Majola.

Krejcir accesses deportation report

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir is gathering material for his pending application to be granted asylum as a "political refugee".

'We are moving corpses'

Israel Mdlalose was an internal Umkhonto weSizwe operative working under cover in Kagiso township. Now he is unemployed and haunted by memories.

Dirt flies after Mdluli arrest

Allegations that crime intelligence boss Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli was involved in a 1999 murder appear to have set off a propaganda war.

Two charged with 'political' killing

Two men have been arrested in connection with the murder of the head of communications of Mpumalanga's department of sports, culture and recreation.

Prison brutality caught on video

Video surveillance footage shot in the new Kimberley prison appears to show prison security personnel assaulting prisoners.

Veterans' official in private deals

The ANC's Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans' Association may have benefited as an organisation from a multimillion-rand Gupta family mining deal.

The meaning of Radovan Krejcir

The Czech fugitive is a connoisseur of weak states. His choice of SA as a refuge is symptomatic of the country's deepening moral malaise.

Hawks probe top cops

Krejcir's network could extend to police and Balkan drug smugglers.

Victory for M&G in Gumede complaint

The BCCSA has upheld the M&G's complaint against the SABC regarding its broadcast of Robert Gumede's claims of corruption against Sam Sole.

End of line for fugitive?

Affidavit detailing fraud may finally bring an end to Radovan Krejcir's run-around with the law.

Luxury government homes probed

The Special Investigating Unit's probe into abuses at the department of public works ranges far more widely than the police leasing scandal.

Gijima: more pain to come?

Although the IT company will conclude the billion-rand department of home affairs project, its role will be relatively small.

No dividends for Libyans

Legacy Hotel Holdings chief executive Bart Dorrestein has pledged that his Libyan minority shareholders will not pay any dividends back to Libya

Deal of the decade for Shabangu

Property tycoon Roux Shabangu has hit the jackpot with his controversial deal to lease a Pretoria building to the police.

Special report: transport

Staff 'fleece' Metrorail in online scam; meanwhile, in the Eastern Cape, government cannot get its trains back on track.

'An incredible disregard for human life'

Eighteen ex-goldminers are taking on Anglo over a lung disease caused by exposure to silica dust. It's a case that could cost the industry billions.

Libya profits from prime local assets

The Libyan government's investment arm co-owns a prime slice of Sandton -- Africa's most expensive real estate -- and a chunk of the V&A Waterfront.

Going off the rails?

The process surrounding top parastatal jobs fails scrutiny. We unpack the Transnet appointments.

Steel of a deal for Zuma Jnr

Duduzane Zuma and the Guptas are at it again -- they will benefit from a proposed Indian steel investment bolstered by government intervention.

The politics of food

Small NGO takes on giant multinational over its attempts to control SA seed market

'Greed and corruption' at ASA

A disciplinary inquiry report has revealed the extent of the mismanagement under the leadership of Leonard Chuene

Top MP in 'kickback' scandal

Parliamentary committee chairperson Yolanda Botha apparently received kickbacks from a company to which she assigned tenders worth more than R50m.

Chief whip's family suspect murder

The family of the slain chief whip of Mpumalanga's Ehlanzeni district municipality, Johan Ndlovu, suspects that his murder was politically linked.

Czech fugitive 'a gangster'

An eleventh-hour affidavit submitted to the Refugee Appeal Board could deal a blow to Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir's bid to stay in SA.

Another big bonus for Majola

Cricket South Africa approved a bonus of over R1m to chief executive Gerald Majola, while a committee was largely in the dark about two other bonuses.

Tender storm over basic education

Contracts worth R250-million went to a company linked to the DG's mother-in-law to be, but all parties deny that there is a conflict of interest.

Fraud suspect gave ANC R3,6-million

Businessman Gaston Savoi, who is accused of bribing government officials for tender awards worth more than R86m, donated about R3,6m to the ANC.

DA accelerates appeal against Simelane

The DA has formally applied to the Constitutional Court to hear the party's bid to overturn Zuma's appointment of Menzi Simelane as NDPP.

Zuma's dodgy new NPA choice

President Jacob Zuma has appointed a deputy to prosecutions boss Menzi Simelane who was previously facing charges of dishonesty.

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Stefaans Brümmer and Ilham Rawoot report on the cronies who were discovered this year with their hands in the public cookie jar.

East Rand firms on US critical list

WikiLeaks has released a secret diplomatic United States embassy cable listing two SA companies seen as critical to American interests.

SA dealer in Zim diamond claim

Ernie Blom calls the alleged boasting of his involvement in the illegal Chiadzwa diamonds trade 'an absolute lie'.

The house the arms deal bought

Arms-deal middleman Fana Hlongwane financed a R4-million home for General Siphiwe Nyanda when Nyanda prepared to step down as defence force chief.

How Menzi stymied arms probe

As director general of the justice department, Menzi Simelane repeatedly hobbled the arms-deal probe.

Sishen row: Govt targets steel prices

The debacle over the award of lapsed mining rights in the Sishen iron ore mine could be used by government to force Amsa to cut in steel prices.

Pamodzi mine liquidators slug it out

Correspondence between Pamodzi Gold and Aurora Empowerment Systems reveals bitter divisions among those representing different interests.

Block's strange taste in lawyer

John Block, the ANC Northern Cape leader accused of tender fraud, is being defended by a man who has a serious corruption charge hanging over his head

Anatomy of a murder

Killer's plea bargain casts a spotlight on Czech fugitive and his associates.

Timeline of a Telkom tender

When Robert Gumede tendered to produce phonecards for Telkom in 2002, he had just come out of a bad break-up with his business partner.

Gumede smears M&G, amaBhungane

Businessman Robert Gumede launched a smear campaign against the M&G and amaBhungane following questions posed to him by the paper's investigative team

The politics of money in South Africa

In his chapter in a new book, Paying for Politics, Sam Sole traces the link between the ANC's cadre deployment policy, BEE and its business interests.

Govt to apply ideology to adspend

Government plans to centralise media buying reveal an attempt to channel advertising to "patriotic" media, insiders say.

Corruption crackdown

The state plans to convict 100 corrupt people who have each stolen more than R5-million through tender fraud over the next three-and-a-half years.

Behind the New Age meltdown

A showdown over the launch date and a lack of resources appear to have been what prompted the five most senior ­editors at the New Age to resign.

Selebi judge defied death threats

The judge hearing former police chief Jackie Selebi's corruption case was placed under 24-hour police protection after receiving death threats.

Arms deal probe (2000-2010)

The arms deal investigation is dead. After a decade of investigators' blood, sweat and tears, Hawks boss Anwa Dramat has effectively buried the probe.

Aurora survives for another day

Paralysed mining company Aurora Empowerment Systems has cheated collapse once again after a year of surviving on little more than its political clout.

Roux Shabangu and the Land Bank loot

The businessman who stands to make a fortune from controversial leasing deals with the police is himself the target of a police investigation.

Cloud over clamp man

Past drug claims dog businessman behind contentious circumcision device

How SA company oiled Iran's war machine

A company co-owned by a close aide to PW Botha helped Iran evade American sanctions by sneaking a James Bond-style speedboat through South Africa.

Waste-to-gas firm denies tender claims

On July 23 the M&G published a story alleging that Lillian Naicker, of the company Waste Rite, had been given access to details of a tender.

Radebe 'kept info from Zuma'

Justice Minister Jeff Radebe placed very little information before Zuma when the president appointed Menzi Simelane as head of the NPA.

Taxman hits Agliotti for R77?million

The squeeze on Glenn Agliotti -- key witness against Jackie Selebi and lone defendant in the Brett Kebble murder trial -- is far from over.

Selebi's fight-back strategy

Former police chief Jackie Selebi is pinning his hopes of staying out of jail on a criminal probe into Glenn Agliotti's tax affairs.

The bucks stop with Cele

Police chief defends his tightening grip on the purse strings, saying he smelled a rat in the awarding of contracts.

NPA withdraws charges against Wa Afrika

The National Prosecuting Authority withdrew all charges against Sunday Times investigative journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika on Tuesday morning.

Selebi granted leave to appeal

Former police chief Jackie Selebi was granted leave to appeal only one aspect of his conviction by the South Gauteng High Court on Monday morning.

Medical waste firm pleads guilty

A company belonging to medical waste industry baron David Sekete pleaded guilty this week to unlawfully operating a waste disposal site.

Not yet uhuru in the Richtersveld

In 2007 the Northern Cape's Richtersveld community won its celebrated case to secure reparations for the diamond fields it lost in colonial times.

Asset raids snare ANC heavies

The corruption probe centring on Uruguyan businessman Gaston Savoi and his Intaka health group is likely to have political fallout.

Juju and premier linked to waste deal

Businessmen linked to Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale and Julius Malema have emerged as beneficiaries of the medical waste management industry.

Guptas key to ArcelorMittal deal

The Gupta family, friends of President Jacob Zuma, were key to the agreement to sell prospecting rights at Sishen to steel conglomerate ArcelorMittal.

Kebble death 'needed to look like a hit'

Mining magnate Brett Kebble needed to die in a way that would look like a hit so that his family could claim money from insurance, a court has heard.

Mystery of Aurora corpses

Uncertainty shrouds the cause of death of four men -- allegedly illegal miners -- whose bodies were found on Thursday in an underground in a mine.

Who is Sivi Gounden, Keysha Investments?

Sivi Gounden, who shot to prominence in the Lonmin row that erupted last week, is considered both technically competent and politically connected.

Keeping house for Kebble

Tycoon's butler relates how his boss acted out of character and was depressed before his death

'I am Madiba's lost daughter'

Mpho Pule was a grandmother in her fifties when she was told that Nelson Mandela was her father. She spent the next 12 years trying to meet him.

Kebble: State on the skids

If Clinton Nassif is all the state has to nail Glenn Agliotti for the murder of mining magnate Brett Kebble, they're in trouble.

Selebi sentenced to 15 years

Former police chief Jackie Selebi has been sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment for corruption. Judge Meyer Joffe called Selebi an embarrassment to SA.

Kebble's dirty empire laid bare

Brett Kebble's former strongman described in vivid detail this week the violence and deceit that lay beneath the surface of Kebble's opulent life.

Roger Kebble 'knew of assisted suicide'

"I have been humbled by this experience of the last five years," former security chief for the Kebbles, Clinton Nassif, told the court on Thursday.

Court hears tales of bumbling hit men

Bouncer Nigel McGurk told the court in detail on Tuesday about the plans to shoot former Allan Gray chief investment officer Stephen Mildenhall.

Graft 'unchecked' without Scorpions

A report has found that law enforcement agencies have been slack about fighting corruption since the Scorpions were shut down.

Premier's son linked to fire

Questions have arisen about Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane's response to an incident involving her son, a stolen car and a fire-damaged house.

Zuma link in nephew's Korean deal

President Jacob Zuma met the boss of a South Korean shipping multinational before the Korean signed a major deal with Zuma's nephew on Monday.

High-flying minister was not alone

While Siphiwe Nyanda was living a five-star life at Cape Town's top hotels, his deputy minister and director general were following his example.

Selebi's fate hangs in the balance

Former police chief Jackie Selebi will have to wait until the first week of August to know if he will spend the next 15 years behind bars.

State wants Selebi's assets

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the South Gauteng High Court on Wednesday the state would apply to confiscate the former police chief's assets.

Malema's new tax dodge

Julius Malema may have shot himself in the foot by telling the taxman he does not benefit financially from business dealings but receives "donations".

Jo'burg 'fleeced' by waste contractor

Jo'burg's waste management company, Pikitup, is bleeding millions in a contract with a company booted out of a separate R28-million municipal tender.

Top cop down

Jackie Selebi is down for corruption. Glenn Agliotti, who bribed him, is battling charges that he arranged Brett Kebble's "assisted suicide".

Zuma Inc

Since Jacob Zuma became ANC president, and then president of South Africa, his family's fortunes have taken a turn for the better -- literally.

2010: After the party

The 2010 Fifa World Cup has brought fun and games and focused the eyes of the world on South Africa. But once it's over, who will pay the bills ... and who will laugh all the way to the bank?

High noon in Dunoon

Some in Cape Town needed only the exit of Bafana Bafana from the tournament last week Tuesday to begin the xenophobic hatred.

Court finds Selebi guilty

Jackie Selebi, the former head of the South African Police Service, was convicted on one count of corruption by Judge Meyer Joffe on Friday.

Four years on, truth still hidden

On May 26 2006 the M&G published its first exposé of the links between Jackie Selebi and a man called Glenn Agliotti.

State eyes Selebi's goods

As Judge Meyer Joffe summed up the evidence against Jackie Selebi on Thursday, government agencies were lurking in the wings.

Judgement day for Jackie Selebi

On Thursday Judge Meyer Joffe started handing down judgement in the corruption trial of former top cop Jackie Selebi.

Eskom's R12m ticket splurge

The electricity supplier bought 1 110 top-range World Cup tickets for its executives, but it is still in wage negotiations with its employees

The great iron ore heist

Documents have swept aside the corporate and political veil drawn over the fight for nearly a quarter of the multibillion-rand Sishen iron ore mine.

Fugitive held for R3,4bn scam

Congolese fugitive from justice Nozi Mwamba was arrested in Johannesburg last week based on an international arrest warrant.

Mystery millions burglary

Police boss denies sources' claims that cash was taken from his Durban home and drivers were questioned.

World Cup security shambles

Police are investigating claims that sabotage by rival security companies lies behind the security guard strikes that rocked the World Cup this week.

The story that almost changed my life

If this story's aim was to make every humanitarians stomach turn with anger, then it deserved all the time and energy I was putting into it.

New twist in Lolly killing

What is the relationship between Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir and senior crime intelligence officer Major-General Khanyisa "Joey" Mabasa?

State calls Selebi 'a lying witness'

The police intercepted an email that former police chief Jackie Selebi showed to convicted drug dealer Glen Agliotti, a court heard on Monday.

Kebble's voice from the grave

A new video recording illuminates the relationship between Brett Kebble and some of former police chief Jackie Selebi's lieutenants.

Bucking the system

Agriculture Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson flexed her muscles to push for the import of antelope for a company linked to an aide's boyfriend.

New storm breaks over Ngubane

Questions have been raised about SABC chairperson Ben Ngubane's role in lobbying for the adoption of Japanese digital broadcasting technology.

LOC 'too busy' for M&G court battle

The LOC of the 2010 Fifa World Cup is "too busy organising the World Cup" to provide the M&G with copies of tender documents.

Aurora cuts controversial family ties

Embattled mining company Aurora Empowerment Systems this week booted out their controversial advisers and consultants, the Bhana family.

Top cop scuttled Zuma case

Former crime intelligence boss Mulangi Mphego is key to top-secret leaks that that scuttled President Jacob Zuma's corruption trial.

Iron man in the middle

Lazarus Zim, chair of Kumba Iron Ore, is tied to the main shareholder of the BEE company that snaffled rights worth billions from under Kumba's nose.

Cape Town's clean-up

Tensions are running high in Cape Town over the city's apparent relocation of poor and homeless people to Blikkiesdorp on the Cape Flats.

Phillips and The Grand booby trap

Strip-club owner and Lolly Jackson's arch-rival Andrew Phillips condemned Jackson as a “thug”, but his own business requires closer scrutiny.

Zuma 'meddled in mine buyout'

President Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane, has emerged as one of the buyers of a uranium mining company, amid claims that Zuma intervened in the project.

Zuma halts NPA changes

In a major public rebuke, President Jacob Zuma has told his prosecutions boss, Menzi Simelane, to stop his controversial restructuring of the NPA.

Selebi's defence closes its case

Jackie Selebi's defence team closed its case in the South Gauteng High Court on Friday morning. Closing argument will now commence on June 7.

Cheating the law

Teazers kingpin Lolly Jackson built an empire on the back of the strip-club industry and the way he went about it was as unethical as they come.

King of 'good, clean fun'

"If you write anything bad about me, I'll kill you," said Lolly Jackson, pointing at me as he placed Teazers water bottles in front of us on his desk.

Killer confessed to Gauteng crime head

Gauteng head of crime intelligence, Joey Mabasa, told the M&G that George Smith called him to allegedly admit to the killing of Lolly Jackson.

Selebi contradicted, again

Jackie Selebi's former secretary Eunice Grové contradicted him at least three times during evidence in the South Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Aurora's shady aura

Man linked to mining firm has been involved in dodgy deals in other companies.

Radebe halts NPA remake

Prosecutions boss Menzi Simelane ordered to stop "restructuring" the National Prosecuting Authority immediately by Justice Minister Jeff Radebe.

How Selebi 'cashed in' on overseas trips

Jackie Selebi has been accused of laundering money, using foreign currency when he travelled abroad as South Africa's national police commissioner.

New funds come with strings attached

Despite assurances by Aurora Empowerment Systems that it has secured a new funder, it has emerged that the promised millions are far from a certainty.

Public loss, Fifa's gain

Sepp Blatter and Thabo Mbeki intervened to have Cape Town's Green Point Stadium built -- at R3-billion more expensive than two available alternatives.

Selebi's cash 'in wife's hands'

Although he was the breadwinner, former police chief Jackie Selebi depended on his wife for cash, the South Gauteng High Court has heard.

The emperor's new clothes

Former police chief Jackie Selebi cuts a poor figure in the witness box and plays into the prosecution's hands, writes Adriaan Basson.

Gumede firm told to 'gijima'

Two forensic reports under lock may explain why home affairs cancelled multibillion-rand IT contract.

Hitachi's Chancellor House dodging

Hitachi Power Africa fudged key issues this week in a media blitz intended to extricate it from the row over ANC business front Chancellor House.

Selebi admits consulting state witness

Former top cop Jackie Selebi admitted on Thursday afternoon to consulting with a state witness after his corruption trial had already begun.

'You lie', Mr Selebi

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel on Thursday morning accused former police National Commissioner Jackie Selebi of fabricating a declassified document.

State presses Selebi over phone calls

Jackie Selebi's cellphone records may solve a mystery of an alleged series of calls between him and former spy boss Manala Manzini in January 2008.

Selebi hits at Scorpions

The former police commissioner also blames the M&G for his trial and denies that he received money or gifts from long-time friend Glenn Agliotti.

Playing the blame game

The mooted Amakhosi stadium has been plagued by delays -- and the community has had enough.

Zuma Jnr link in iron war

Heavy political muscle may wield the balance of power in the R5?billion Mittal/Kumba stand-off.

Deny everything ...

Was Jackie Selebi wrong to enter a gun battle with just a Swiss army knife?

'Wolves in sheep's clothing'

The Catholic bishop who made the call on whether sexual abuse complaints in Johannesburg should be investigated was himself accused of being an abuser

Aurora's tank runs on empty

Joint liquidators of the troubled Pamodzi Gold mines being run by Aurora Empowerment Systems appear poised to scrap their deal with Aurora.

More dirt taints Nyanda's firm

An indictment of GNS -- the company linked to Siphiwe Nyanda -- has been exposed in a court application to review the findings of a Transnet hearing.

Shaik brother in CCMA row

Convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik's brother Yunis played a central role in the dismissal of two whistle­blowers who exposed their employer.

Zuma's nephew and the mine meltdown

The apparent financial meltdown of a mine purchased by a company chaired by President Jacob Zuma's nephew has raised questions about the deal.

Zuma Incorporated

Here are the business interests of "Zuma Incorporated" -- of President Jacob Zuma and his women, children and other close relatives.

Keeping it in the family

An investigation by the M&G suggests Jacob Zuma's women and children are bidding for private benefit from their presidential connections.