The M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism seeks to develop investigative journalism in the public interest by engaging in advocacy to secure the information rights investigative journalists need to do their work.

We do not campaign for campaigning's sake, but target matters where we can help ensure conditions are conducive to the practice of investigative journalism.

Our advocacy activities have included:

  • The "Secrecy Bill" and the Right2Know Campaign: The Protection of State Information Bill would classify large swathes of information to the detriment of open and accountable government. We joined forces with like-minded organisations in 2010 to form the Right2Know Campaign (R2K), which we continue to help lead and advise.
  • The Companies Act and shareholder transparency: When the Companies Amendment Bill was submitted to Parliament in 2010, we identified drafting changes which could effectively deprive members of the public the right to inspect company share registers, which has always been an important tool for transparency in general, and for investigative journalists in particular when they research corruption and conflict of interests. We made submissions to Parliament, lobbied MPs and drafters, and proposed new drafting. On March 15 2011, Parliament passed the Bill with the amendments we had proposed, guaranteeing public access.
  • Exercising PAIA: We have made it our business to "flex" the Promotion of Access to Information Act. While the results are often discouraging, the use of the Act builds up a body of knowledge and precedent in its use. Where appropriate, we will litigate both to access the required information and to help set judicial precedent.
  • Campaigning journalism: We have published numerous opinion articles dealing with matters of access to information, media freedom, etc.

Articles and announcements

Another threat to journalism

A proposed law threatens journalists who work outside the mainstream of print and TV, writes Vinayak Bhardwaj and Stefaans Brummer.

Push for access to information

Activists and others are joining forces at a conference which aims to yield a declaration on access to information.

Lifting the lid on the 'toxic gruel'

If passed, the Secrecy Bill will help to mask the corrupt activities of those in government. The fight to stop the Bill just got harder.

Press not off ANC's hook

The planned media appeals tribunal is once again high on the ruling party's agenda .

Secrecy Bill: Parly, police and R2K

What do you do when you have less than three months before the next "final" deadline for the controversial Protection of Information Bill?

Dignity vs freedom of expression

President Jacob Zuma is once again pursuing his lawsuit against cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro for the "rape of justice" cartoon published two years ago.

Right2Know Campaign shows impact

The Right2Know Campaign is having an impact, it said after its "week of action", culminating in a mass march on Parliament. Here is the full statement

Not in the national interest

It's an elephant dressed up as a sheep, the M&G told Parliament when the draconian Protection of Information Bill was introduced.

We take on the LOC

The M&G and amaBhungane's Adriaan Basson are taking the 2010 Fifa World Cup LOC and its boss, Danny Jordaan, to court -