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Tip offs may be emailed to [email protected]. However, if you are concerned about security, read below first.

Electronic surveillance and communication interception is a reality. If you want to share confidential information with us on an anonymous basis, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of each method of getting in touch. 

We do everything we can to protect our sources' identities, but you also need to be aware of the risks, and take steps to protect yourself.


The risk: Bulk interceptions of incoming and outgoing emails; hacking into individual email accounts and retrieving messages. 

Protect yourself: Email us from a once-off/anonymous email account whose address does not identify you; do not put anything down in writing which could identify you. 

Protect yourself even better: Set up PGP/GPG encryption and send us an encrypted email. If you use a Windows operating system, go here to set up PGP/GPG; if you use a Mac operating system, go here.


The risk: Bulk phone interceptions of our landlines as well as targetted phone tapping of our cell phones. Calls could be recorded, or later traced back to you. 

Protect yourself: Call us from a number, or different numbers, which cannot be traced back to you. Share general details with us over the phone, but avoid specifics that could identify you.

Post/courier/deliver hard-copy documents or digital documents to us:

The risk: Documents can get lost, or get intercepted before they get to us. You could be spotted delivering documents to us. 

Protect yourself: Do not identify yourself on the package or in the documents; get someone who you trust but who is not obviously linked to you to deliver the documents. 

Protect yourself even better: Encrypt the documents electronically using PGP/GPG, save to a flash drive, and post/courier/deliver the flash drive to us. 

When encrypting the document, remember to select our GPG public key [see below] so that we can decrypt the document at our end.


Now that you are aware of the risks, you can contact us with story tips & confidential information as follows:

Contact details:

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