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The amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism is registered with CIPC as a non-profit company and with SARS as a public benefit organisation.

Investigative journalism takes time and money. Our annual budget of about R8-million is supported by grants, mostly from charitable foundations, and increasingly by donations from members of the public – our “amaB Supporters”.

We are independent. We do not sell advertising and do not accept grants from governments or corporates. We also do not accept grants earmarked for specific stories or themes. We define grants as donations above R6 000/year.

We acknowledge these 2017-18 grants to date:

the Bertha Foundation: R600 000 grant

the Claude Leon Foundation: R943 607 grant

the Millennium Trust: R1 900 000 grant

the Open Society Foundation for South Africa:R1 500 000 grant

the RAITH Foundation: R954 666 grant

Magda Wierzycka: R100 000

Sean Dougherty: R25 000

Julius Cobbett: R10 000

Ravi Naidoo: R50 000

Nicola Harris: R50 000

The Frank Robb Charitable Trust: R90 000

Professor David Tabb: R25 000

Laurianne Claase and Lee Watson: R10 000 

Heye Daun: R15 000

Rowan Brewer: R30 000

Russell Moore: R12 000

We acknowledge these 2016-17 grants:

the Bertha Foundation: R600 000 grant and R51 542 re-grant of unspent prior year funds

the Claude Leon Foundation: R1 000 000 grant

the Millennium Trust: R1 900 000 grant and R74 980 re-grant

the Open Society Foundation for South Africa: R2 000 000 grant

the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa: $48 362 grant

the RAITH Foundation: R873 855 grant and R53 538 re-grant

the Social Justice Initiative: R279 780 re-grant

the Egg Trust: R325 000 

the Frank Robb Charitable Trust: R80 000

Laurie Slatter: R10 000

Magda Wierzycka: R10 000

Rowan Brewer: R31 000

Tony Cole: R10 000

Sam Amod: R15 000

Bryant Roux: R9 000

Transparency is important to us. Read our current reports:

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