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  • #GuptaLeaks L35: The House of Gupta

    One of the greater mysteries of the #GuptaLeaks.

    One of the greater mysteries of the #GuptaLeaks.

L35, the R325-million Dubai mansion, has emerged as one of the greater mysteries of the #GuptaLeaks. 

On the one hand, L35 may offer proof that the Guptas have externalised vast amounts of money, stashing it conveniently in Dubai property. 

On the other, it has been alleged to be the smoking gun – the bribe the Guptas paid to President Jacob Zuma in the form a lavish 10-bedroom retirement home. 

The verdict is still out… but we've put together some of the evidence (maps, extracts from letters, photos and videos) for you to explore. 

Check it out here:

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